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Weleda, as a benchmark company and global market leader for certified natural and organic cosmetics, reads like a poster child for legitimate natural beauty. Let’s look at how this is reflected in the certification and labels it uses and how sustainability is at the core of it all. (more…)
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PLANTS: NATURE'S GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING   In today’s post, I want to introduce you to Weleda’s approach to working with plants: their lead plant philosophy and the pomegranate range specifically. As you will see, it is yet another reason why Weleda is a true leader in natural beauty and holistic health. (more…)
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WELEDA: 7 BASIC PRINCIPLES AND WHY THEY MATTER FOR CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS Reading Time: 10 Minutes As part of the Special Weleda Natural Beauty and Holistic Health Series, I am tackling the issue of values and conscious consumerism in today's post. (more…)
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WELEDA GOES WAY BACK AND IS ALL THE BETTER FOR IT Reading Time: 5 Minutes Even though I live in Switzerland where Weleda is quite a popular brand and I myself have used several of its products before, I realized, I knew very little about its history and tradition. So to kick off this special Weleda natural beauty and holistic health series, let’s look at how it became the brand it is today. This will also show why I think Weleda is the real deal amongst natural beauty brands! If you, like me, believe that we are best served when seeing and treating our body, mind, and spirit as a whole, then you will fall in love with how Weleda came to be and what it stands for. (more…)
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Universe Aligning   Sometimes the universe just smacks you with an opportunity so amazing, there is nothing else to do than to just go for it, all in! The Weleda Global Garden Winner Contest is one of those rare chances to do what I love and promote a brand with values that are highly aligned with mine. The lucky winner gets to travel around the world for three months, discover different Weleda locations and blog about its gardens, sustainability, natural beauty, the people who make up the company and everything else that goes on behind the scenes of Weleda. (more…)

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