Terra Naturi: Drug Store Organic Beauty at Unbeatable Prices

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Looking for an affordable organic skin care line for normal to dry skin? Terra Naturi Anti-Ageing is one of my favorite lines and it is certified organic and vegan.


I switched to organic beauty products years ago when I realized how harmful the ingredients in regular cosmetics are. Fun fact: I also went to beauty school when I was 16, got a degree but in true Gemini fashion I never worked in beauty afterwards because I had somewhat lost interest. Since my switch I’ve enjoyed trying out green drug store options that are affordable and work well for my skin. I have mostly dry, sometimes sensitve skin. So I like to get face creams that are nourishing but I don’t like them to have heavy consistencies. It can be a struggle. A few months ago I was looking to switch up my face beauty routine as I was suffering from a lot of breakouts due to stress at work. I was also tight on money since I was transitioning into a new job so I decided to give this line of green Terra Naturi beauty from Müller Drogeriemarkt a try. I chose the skin care line with Q10, an active ingredient that reduces fine lines. I don’t really mind my wrinkles but I think I still have 40 plus years to go so I guess this can’t hurt. The scent of this line is wild roses but luckily it is very faintly perfumed since rose scent can be overpowering at times. I bought both face creams, night and day, as well as the face mask, hyaluron boosters and the eye cream and am reviewing them here positively as I am really pleased with the results. This is not a sponsored post.

Green beauty products can sometimes be quite pricey and you can’t always test them when they are only available online. So drug store options are a nice alternative and this Terra Naturi Anti-Ageing line is my current skin care regime. It is available at Müller, which is the largest drug store chain in Switzerland and parts of Germany. It is certified natural cosmetics with the natrue.org label as well as vegan, meaning no silicones, no artificial perfume ingredients, no mineral oil, only natural emulsifiers, no animal testing and mostly organic natural ingredients. I always try to look for certified green products as it simplifies the buying process when trying new products.

terra naturi, müller, oeko kosmetik, green beauty, certified


terra naturi, müller, oeko kosmetik, green beauty, certified

The day cream is light in texture but still gives me enough moisture since I suffer from dry skin especially during the winter months. Givent that I don’t like very rich creams this is perfect in that it doesn’t pile on too much product.

terra naturi, müller, oeko kosmetik, green beauty, certified

The night cream is of a similar consistency and I must admit, even though I need to force myself to put on anything before going to bed (i am lazy, yes), this is an easy one as it is absorbed quickly and doesn’t keep me up by having an overpowering smell.

terra naturi, müller, oeko kosmetik, green beauty, certified

My favorite of this bunch of products is the hyaluron booster that comes in a small glass vial. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin that diminishes as we get older, so it is truly one of the miracle ingredients in cosmetics. I use these boosters a couple times during the week or when I have a special occasion and want to feel refreshed right away. In addition, I can put the vial in the glass recycling bin after using it which is great.


Once a week I treat myself to a face mask and this one is very convenient as it comes in two portions. Portioning is an issue with masks because I often don’t need as much product and then can’t reuse it once it’s open. So this one is lovely in this regard! It leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

terra naturi, müller, oeko kosmetik, green beauty, certified

All in all, this Terra Naturi skin care line offers a great set of products at a very affordable price. The products are priced between 0,95 and 3,25 euros! You can shop them online here.

P.S. The water color painting is a painting I made as part of a class I took a few years back. I can only recommend taking a painting class even if, or especially, if you think you are not talented (as I did), as it is so nice to be creative with colors and motives regardless of what comes out of it in the end. This is my favorite piece I painted during that course because a) we used pastels and b) I love Peonies (who doesn’t?). Perfect combo.




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On January 3, 2017
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