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When big life changes mess up your plans, you get a chance to find yourself through all the pain and emotional discomfort and gain a new purpose in life 487

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Easter, like most other holidays, has become a huge source of plastic and other waste: Every chocolate egg is wrapped in foil or plastic and Easter decoration is rarely produced fairly. Creating a green and conscious Easter decoration for your home can be challenging. Luckily, Pinterest ihas tons of DIY projects that not only can be made with things you most likely already own, hence not creating extra waste, but also look magazine worthy! A perfect example are these DIY marbled Easter eggs using nail polish. 955

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I have never met a chocolate cake I didn’t like. But I do have a special fondness for moist ones with nuts and bananas in them and this tweaked version of my mom’s recipe is my favorite. It is my go-to dessert, great when you want to bring something special and homemade to the office for a birthday or tea and cake afternoon delights at home. Seriously, everyone loves this cake and the best thing is, it stays yummy for days (when wrapped properly). I have adapted the recipe to fit my organic and fairtrade taste and it has only become yummier in the process: flourless organic chocolate cake heaven, here we come! 451

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diy, scented marbled paper, marbled paper, pinterest project, diy project, crafts Valentine’s Day can be everything from amazingly romantic, lonely, annoying, special, a day like any other, or materialistic and wasteful depending on how we spend it. When it comes to gifts for Valentines the choices range from super cheesy to truly unique and lovely. We all prefer the latter, of course. I especially love gifts that make the person I am with (or myself if I am single and gifting myself) feel special and that express how unique and precious they are to me. So this Valentines I’ll share one of my all-time favorite diy projects and you will be amazed at how easy this one is: DIY scented marbled paper. Romantic, affordable and easy: My kind of gift! 414

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A few years back I started reading up on cosmetics and the ingredients they contain that can be very harmful to your health. (You can find more information on the website or on the organic beauty talk blog.) It was quite an eye-opener and all I wanted after reading these horror stories about possible carcinogenic and allergy causing¬†ingredients, was some natural beauty products to replace my staples that weren’t looking so good all of a sudden. In an impulsive but very liberating 10 minute raid I threw out most of what I had in my bathroom cabinet. I felt better instantly… until 5 minutes later I asked myself: now what? 383

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